Oh, That’s SO Subtle!

Oh, That's SO Subtle! [Blog]

“She’s doing her workshop in the bathroom.” They needed mirrors, why not. And although advertisements may not have sold any tickets with a public bathroom location as a feature, the actual ad did not specify where the workshop might be held. No complaints, please, you have been forewarned. Being a celebrity in her own right, she (and the class, of course) is interrupted over and over again by her many “fans”. “Oh my god, it’s so good to see you!” Screeches through the air over and over, followed by a smooch with heavily lacquered lips – kiss, kiss. “She’s in there ordering people to be quiet, she is after all, holding a workshop in here.” She has briefly and swiftly taken ownership of the women’s restroom wearing her black, fur-lined ugs and leather with chain belt. She is the perfect image of a public restroom owner. To finish the outfit, her red bra shows through her white, wife-beater tank top that has a fitting red heart and bones on the front.

She’s “painting” a volunteer’s face with a heavy black line along with a contrasting white line, very dramatic and stark contrast. A gal blurts out “Ooh, that’s so subtle.” she says this very earnestly, she is genuinely serious. The whole room explodes with laughter – one gal expresses the irony in the previous statement. “Only a room full of belly dancers would think that that much make-up could be subtle!”

Ahhh, I love belly dance!


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