Where I’m Standing Now

Where I'm Standing Now [Blog]

If you have ever planned a festival, a hafla, or even just a one time workshop, you know how much work goes into planning, preparing, advertising, and the actual set up and take down of each of these. Planning MECDA’s Cairo Caravan has been a rewarding and challenging experience. I love the outcome and the planning, and sometimes I even love the “suggestions”. It is exhilarating and at the same time very hard work.

Not being an expert, but hoping to become the best I can be, I am always looking for suggestions and new ideas. Please leave them in the comments box, I love to hear from you!

I’m going to write a sequence of blogs that have to do with the planning process, what it entails, and sometimes the trials and tribulations of it all. They may not appear in perfect order, as festival planning began prior to the last festival dates (in 2010). As I recall particular topics during the planning process, or as they occur, I will post them. I hope that you enjoy them. I hope that you get something out of them; possibly learn something new. If nothing else, I hope that they remind me of how I got to where I am standing now.



One thought on “Where I’m Standing Now

  1. After 35+ years of being on the planning end of events I have learned that the process changes for each event according to personalities and capabilities. This is true of annual events where most of the planners and goals don’t change. While the committee may have the same destination, the roads taken are often off the beaten path.
    That’s good in a way that sometimes new ideas and energy spring from these side roads.
    As planners, we need to stay on top of new trends, innovations and clientele. I have often heard “It’s easier to give birth than to try and raise the dead”.

    One pet peeve I have is when people complain but offer no constructive suggestions or volunteer to help improve the situation. It irritates me to hear them say “I can do a better job” but have no idea of what the planning entails. On the other end of that is when planners sabotage themselves with the adamant idea of “That’s the way we’ve always done it”.

    Everyone has something to bring to the table. You may not have the grandiose vision but if you can staple papers, collect tickets or run errands, you are valuable!

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