Did Someone Sell Their Soul to the Devil For These Ads?

Did Someone Sell Their Soul to the Devil For These Ads? [Blog]

“Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.” ~Will Rogers

AT&T Cellular phones recently created a beautiful ad campaign using hands painted with make-up positioned to look like other objects juxtaposed with their phone products. The ads are brilliant as anyone would love to stare and marvel at the amazing craftsmanship of the make-up. It’s almost a game of “Where’s Waldo” as one stares at the ad to figure out just where and what the hands are doing to create the images. As I looked through these beautiful ads, I wondered where could their marketing team go from here? It would be pretty hard to top these ads as far as their intrigue is concerned. Here I am, someone who has the simplest cell phone that can be purchased. It dials and I call people. It’s practically a cordless phone that just happens to travel farther from the house. So why am I even drawn to these ads? What use do I have for a new cell phone? Hardly any. I’m not a big “phone person” and don’t frequently talk on the phone. I keep things until they break or seriously just fall apart. I’m not into waste or changing to a new phone just because it comes in a new color that I like. I am not their demographic. And yet, these ads just drew me in like a moth to a flame.

Their complex artistry, composition, and photography make them transform from advertisements to art. I am intrigued. I almost wish there were a signature on the bottom of each one from the artist(s) that help create them. This is a true case of pop art as predicted (and perhaps created by) Andy Warhol. Remember the soup cans? Who can forget them? I think these beautiful ads will reign amongst other pop icons through history. Take a look at all of them, peruse the imaginative ads and contemplate (as I am doing now), did someone sell their soul to the devil for these ads?

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2 thoughts on “Did Someone Sell Their Soul to the Devil For These Ads?

  1. My phone was cool in the Pleistocene, and I already have AT&T…I’m not gonna buy a new phone until this one falls apart like you said, so maybe I’m not that gullible (or would just rather spend money on expensive tribal bellydance pants…! PRIORITIES, girls!), but man! These ads are just PURE ARTISTRY! Gorgeous!! Thanks, ~gz~

  2. I think they are so beautiful too!! And I love that I can’t find the hands in some of them at first. (glad you have your priorities straight though on the belly dance pants Gazzella!)

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