We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Toto!


We moved to our new home on the Oregon coast on December 31st, New Year’s Eve. It was much colder than it had been when we were visiting the Oregon coast back in October and it was lightly raining. Since then, the winter has been wild here on Ten Mile Lake. We’ve had snow 3 times! Keep in mind, we are at about 200 foot elevation and right near the ocean, so snow was not something we were expecting. It was the dreamy winter-wonderland that holiday cards are made of. I loved it!

Since we moved in, we’ve had a handful of storms that have traveled across the lake and really rocked our world! The first big storm we had a large, approximately 15 foot, tree branch fall and hit the roof of the house and land in the next door neighbor’s yard (the home is currently unoccupied). It made a loud crash on the roof and shook the floor upstairs – where we were at the time. We thought a whole tree had come down, it was so thunderous! Dennis ran outside . . . [continue reading]


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