Toledo or Bust! Our Oregon Adventure Part VI


We left the house where we had been dismally embarrassed after sitting in their driveway for almost a half-hour before we realized it was occupied and NOT for sale! There was still some daylight left and we had one more house to see in Waldport. It was the definition of a fixer-upper with missing walls, no insulation, a hole in the roof, no flooring, no appliances… essentially a project. BUT the price was so low and the house was so big and so close to the ocean, we just had to see if it was a project we could undertake.

Pulling up to the house, I really liked the street it was on. Gorgeous houses, well taken care of, on each side. A nice sized lot – about a half acre. I loved the paint color on the exterior of the house. The green was such a pretty shade and the white trim made it even prettier! We parked in front of the house and got out to walk around. It was definitely not occupied – it wasn’t even livable. The very large garage was in better shape than. . . [continue reading]


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