Cooking on the Lake


Ever since our move to the Oregon Coast, living on Ten Mile Lake, surrounded in beauty, has really inspired me to start cooking again. Prior to our move, I had become stuck in a rut that often consisted of convenience foods or things that I could put together in a matter of five minutes or less – bean burritos, nachos, pretty much any quick and easy Mexican fare. It was simple to run out and grab a bite to eat or to order in pizza when I didn’t want to spend the five minutes “cooking” something. Living remotely, here on the lake, has reminded me of how fun cooking can be. I am also loving the side effects of cooking at home every night – the healthier meals, the nourishing foods, and not feeling hungry all of the time or craving french fries multiple times per week. I was a french fry aficionado – my mood determined… [continue reading]


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