Murder House in Florence: Our Oregon Adventure Part IV


It was mid-afternoon when we had finished seeing homes on Ten Mile Lake but we wanted to press on and head up the coast, at the very least to look for a different campground (we wanted to try out as many as possible on our way up and down the coast). I had prepared a list of campgrounds to stay at during our trip, but it quickly went out the window as we found there was no need for pre-planned camping (unless we were looking for specific amenities). Along the highway, there were campgrounds approximately every 5 miles – sometimes less! There were campgrounds on the beach, on the dunes, in the forest, and overlooking lakes. They were all equally delightful.

Winchester Bay was on our course as we drove north and we had one place on our list to see there. We pulled off the highway to check it out. It was a live-in business opportunity with two separate shops downstairs (we instantly thought his and hers shops!) and a nice living space upstairs. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of living in town but it could have its advantages – especially the convenience of having everything within walking distance. The bay was lovely. It was filled with fishing boats coming in and… [continue reading]


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