Favorite House, Fancy House: Our Oregon Adventure Part III


Waking up at the Honey Bear Campground was magnificent. A soft drizzle poured down from the sky. The bathrooms and showers were lovely – very homey and warm with pink tiles over the vanity and wood slat walls. We got ready for the day and headed out on Highway 101 at around 10am. We ate granola bars and water on the road for breakfast to keep up with our plan of seeing all of the homes each day. Anxious to get to our other favorite house on the list, we skipped Coos Bay and North Bend and headed straight for Lakeside (we would add these to Bandon and Brookings to see on the way home). Lakeside is a tiny little town off of Ten Mile Lake, about 2 miles inland from the coast. It’s surrounded by lush forest where trees are covered in moss and the ground is covered in ferns. The lake is moderately large with a 42 mile perimeter but rather than an open expanse, it has several large arms and a couple of open areas of water between them. There are two lakes, North Ten Mile Lake and South Ten Mile Lake, that are joined by a canal. We had several houses on the lake that we were excited to see.  

Arriving too late in the afternoon for a day of viewing houses, we decided to make an appointment to meet up with the realtor in Lakeside the next day. We had enough daylight left to… [continue reading]


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