Venture Into the Great Unknown: Our Oregon Adventure Part II


Our road trip up to Oregon began on October 15th (2016). We packed up the Blumebulance (our ambulance turned camper van) and headed out on to the open road. We drove west across the beautiful Mojave desert and over to the 5 Freeway North. It was a quiet morning, especially for a Saturday. The sky was permeated with billowy, white clouds layered on top of a light turquoise sky. It sprinkled in intervals as we headed west across the desert. We were brimming with anticipation and excitement. Dennis (my sweetie, also known as my TTG – Tall Tree Guy) had never been to the Pacific Northwest before and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction – although admittedly, I was slightly nervous that he might not love the Oregon Coast as much as I did. Trepidation aside, I had to be confident that he would. He often said that he hadn’t been to Oregon because he thought he might never come back to the desert. That was a good sign that he was going to love it too!

We made the long journey up the 5 Freeway North, saving time for the latter part of our trip by taking the most direct route North. The wonderful thing about heading North from Southern California is that the traffic is nowhere near as heavy as it is heading South. We were listening to music and talking so much that I got distracted and we accidentally… (click here to continue reading)


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