Hits and Misses


Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to choose my word for this year and I just can’t choose between two of them, so I’m going with 2 words for this year instead of one… Innovation and Bliss.

I hope that you all find bliss in the coming year and that we all might innovate, change, and grow alongside one-another throughout the year.
2015 was a fantastic year filled with family, love, friendship, and fun. It was the 4th year of the Henna Retreat and it was absolutely magical. So many new friendships were created, partnerships forged, and creativity abound! I’m so looking forward to our 5 year anniversary this year, it will be nothing short of spectacular, I can feel it!
Tribal Fest was magical and amazing and we didn’t know it, but it was our last one. I’ll miss my TF family and hope that we all find a place to settle in again together once a year, spending time dancing, laughing, singing, and causing general mayhem. (If you have suggestions for events for us to grow new roots, I’m all ears!)
Traveling with my dear, sweet henna sisters, Debi, Jennifer, Heather, and Erika was as awesome as it ever was. We had such a blast at Lemon Festival in Upland, even in the rain (think make-shift rain gutters and accidental showering, lol)… and I never thought I’d see Steve Martin, live, up close and personal but we did at the Huck Finn Jubilee! He was hilarious and quite a good singer and banjo player. It would have been the most perfect weekend ever if our Jen hadn’t gotten hurt – a temporary event fence fell over on top of her, leaving her injured for quite some time. Thank goodness she was okay in the end. I’m looking forward to our travels next year and where they might take us!
I learned a lot trying to put on FUSION: World Music & Dance Festival. We got so close to making it come to fruition – mostly with all of your support and awesomeness. I learned that in the future, if things can’t work out as grand as originally planned, I’ll scale it back and push through. I think the fest still would have been a ton of fun, even if we had to cut a day or change some of our plans. I’ve thought a lot about trying a big festival again and I think there will be one in my future, but it’s down the line a bit. In the meantime, I love putting on smaller, boutique events and retreats and am already considering a second one in addition to the #hennaretreat we already have – maybe it will involve dance!
It was a year filled with hits and some misses, but everyone of them was valuable and important and helped me grow. I’m grateful for the experiences and the life lessons.
The TTG and I have some big changes on the horizon with several “choose your own adventure” paths to choose from. A new career in the woods… a big move to a place we’ve always dreamed of living… OR moving forward where we are at with new career goals. I feel like we’re reading one of those books – do you remember them, the choose-your-own-adventure books? The only thing missing is the ability to choose an option, read through to see what happens, then choose the other option and see that ending too. Instead, we’ll have to choose with our hearts and heads and see where it leads us! It’s exciting and scary but sort of fun too. I hope whichever path we choose will lead us to both innovation and bliss. ❤
What’s your word for this year? Or your resolution? Or dream? Or goal? I would love to hear them!

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