I am so thankful for my life, my love, my family, my friends. I feel like I’ve gotten more than I need and could have ever imagined.

Today made me thankful for humans. The TTG went to the market for me to get the things I need for T-Day tomorrow because I’m sick. Super super sweetie pie! I had given him my card and a list. He came home and had to leave quickly to help a friend with a job in town. I didn’t even think to ask for my card back – eep! – and I still needed a couple things that the market didn’t have and I would have to run out for. I rarely have cash on me, but was grateful I had $40 from the previous week that I had pulled out thinking I would need it for raffle tickets at a holiday party. But my dad bought us raffle tickets and the money was saved away in my purse. So, I take the $40 and I know it’s gonna be close to what I need but I figure I’ll just take off whatever goes over $40 and have to get it tomorrow morning before we head out. It was $43 and change. I started to ask the checker to take off something and the lady behind me handed me $5! So freaking sweet. I mean, I started crying. I’m sick and really didn’t want to have to go out into the chilly wind and grab the stuff and then here she is smiling and handing me the extra cash. I thanked her profusely and handed her the change. Wow, so shocked, humbled, and thankful for such a sweet gesture.

Humanity is still there people, it’s out there everywhere you look. We are loving and kind and grateful for our lives. I will be sure to pass on her good will – as I always try to do – and I’m sending her love and happiness this holiday wherever she is. It makes me hopeful that maybe we can overtake the world with love and compassion.


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