Ready for a ghost story? Hold on to your seat!

Me and my two friends, Debi and Nic, were at the QM to show Nic the Exhibit Hall because he was going to be in charge of decor that year for Cairo Caravan. He wanted to do some measurements, etc. After we were done, I told him he just had to go into the boiler room and check it out.

We stepped inside and that room always makes my heart race a little – even prior to knowing anything about the recorded hauntings there. When we walk in, Nic is instantly drawn deeper into the room and Debi is instantly afraid to step inside any further than just inside the door. There’s only one small light on in the entire room, so it’s very dim.

We talk Debi into stepping inside the room a bit farther and we are all standing there talking. I tell Nic about the young man who was killed by the safety door of the boiler room (I believe Door #13). He was literally squished in half.

Queen Mary: A Ghost Story, Part TwoAs we stand there talking, all three of us hear some voices coming towards us. Nic asks me if we are allowed to be in there and almost simultaneously Debi asks if we should leave the space for the tour that is probably on its way there. I tell them both it’s fine and that if the tour does come through that back gated-off section, we will just quietly step back into the X Hall so that we don’t bother their tour.

We continue chatting and the voices get louder and what seems like closer. But as they get louder, something interesting happens. It doesn’t sound like a tour, it sounds more like a party with lots of voices all talking at once. Some louder than others. My thoughts go towards the voices and I think that a tour usually has the tour guide talking and then possibly a person asking a question and then the guide answering. It would be incredibly unusual for the voices to be overlapping like they were.

Queen Mary: A Ghost Story, Part TwoNone of us expressed anything about what we could hear while it was happening. We continued our conversation, although it got interrupted from time to time by the occasional changes in the sounds as they got closer – from lots of voices, then there was music combined with the voices, and the clanging of glasses, and the sound of laughter. I smelled cigar smoke and cocktails. Eventually the sounds and smells were so intense it was like they were right inside the room with us. I felt a whoosh almost as if someone had just danced on past me.

At the exact same moment, all three of us looked at each other and said “do you hear that?” We realized that we could all hear it but see nothing. We lept out of the room, shutting the door behind us. We waited for a half an hour to see if a tour ever came. And after about 10 minutes of leaving the boiler room, we opened the door and peeked back in. There was nothing. No sound, so smell, just the empty, moldy boiler room sitting there alone in the dark.

Queen Mary: A Ghost Story, Part TwoIt’s quite uncommon from what I’ve heard for all of us to have experienced what we did. And I’m pretty sure each of us experienced it a little differently. I know that I was the only one that smelled anything other than mold/mildew.

The best part is that it wasn’t really frightening. Quite the opposite although we were spooked at the time. I think it’s pretty cool that I may have been in the midst of a Queen Mary party from days past. I always wonder who might have been there!

Queen Mary: A Ghost Story, Part Two
The Boiler Room decorated as the World of Wonders sideshow at Cairo Caravan. Photo by Rebecca Waldron.

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