Get In My Jewelry Box: Turquoise How I Love Thee!

As I am beginning to blog more this year – as one of my goals, I’m playing around with the idea of having a few “series” of blogs intermixed with the others. One that I have been dying to do is about jewelry that I love!

I’m not the typical jewelry customer. I look for odd pieces, big pieces, bold pieces, and pieces that are unforgettable. The more I post and talk about jewelry I love, the more I find out how many of you are just like me – looking for that one-of-a-kind piece that no one else has. That piece that clearly defines you and makes a statement about who you are at your core. Of course, I still fall for the occasional gemstone but for the most part, it’s more about the uniqueness of the piece and what sings to me – always listening for that siren song!

I decided that the first in this series needs to reflect my L O V E of turquoise! When I say love, I mean, deep down desperation for all-things-turquoise. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the color! Of course, there are lots of other stones I love and metals, and plastics and odds and ends, but turquoise is my true love. The one that I will never have too much of. The one that I will never give up.

Here are 5 pieces that just drive me wild with a snippet of what I love about each of them!


Get In My Jewelry Box: Turquoise How I Love Thee! [Blog]
Sterling silver Candelaria turquoise rug pattern inlay bracelet by Jerry T Nelson, Navajo. Sadly, already sold on Ebay.

I had to list this piece first, although my favorite turquoise pieces aren’t always created in the Native American style. This piece seriously sings. The silver against the shine of the stones gives it the sort of bling a tiara full of rhinestones has and I love it! The pattern of the green stones reminds me of fish swimming together and there is nothing this girl loves more than water!


Get In My Jewelry Box: Turquoise How I Love Thee! [Blog]
The turquoise stone is from the Birdseye Kingman mine. The sterling silver band has intricate stampwork by Freddy Charley, Navajo. Sadly, this one is also sold.

If you know me, you know I love rings and a girl can never have too many! This ring brings out the country in me for sure with the rope frame and the western style patterns carved into the band. I love the light blue, milky quality of this particular stone. Where are my cowgirl boots?


Get In My Jewelry Box: Turquoise How I Love Thee! [Blog]
“Celestial” sandcast sterling silver bracelet by Harrison Bitsue, Navajo. This bracelet features a Boulder Kingman turquoise stone, with stone matrix. This piece has sold as well.

Love the art deco styling of this beautiful cuff. It could be worn so well with so many styles! The silver of the cuff is sandcast, giving it that soft, antiqued surface texture. The stone itself is a slice of turquoise mixed with another stone. I just love the contrast between the two. The frame around the stone brings back that western feeling with the rope braid and the stars highlighting each side of the frame. So cute!!


Get In My Jewelry Box: Turquoise How I Love Thee! [Blog]
Navajo Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Turquoise Medicine Wheel Belt Buckle by Martha Cyantentito. This piece is no longer listed for sale.

I had to include this one not only for my love of turquoise but also for my fascination with belt buckles. Now mind you, I loathe wearing a belt unless it’s soft and stretchy and just meant to give a waist to a cute dress. But there is just something about beautiful belt buckles that I am so drawn to! I love them all from the trout shaped buckles meant for fishermen to the bling-filled buckles covered in rhinestones.

This buckle makes my eyes light up! I love the wagon wheel design with the spokes inside and that it also replicates a circle of little turquoise friends. The center is a cross between something an aviator would love with a sheriffs star. The best thing about this buckle is that it has turquoise from my favorite mine – the Sleeping Beauty mine in the little bits around the outside combined with a Tibetan piece in the center. Who doesn’t love Tibetan jewelry?! And who could resist turquoise from a mine named after the lovely Sleeping Beauty?! Two great locations for beautiful stones.

Someday I’ll take my intrigue with buckles to the next level and create a belly dance belt out of them. But for now, I will still admire them from afar.


Get In My Jewelry Box: Turquoise How I Love Thee! [Blog]
Artist unknown.

I know, I cheated, this is two pieces as there are earrings and a necklace but since they are a set, I’ve chosen them as the fifth piece. At first glance, this piece is pretty common as far as turquoise jewelry goes. The shapes around the stones to fit the shapes of the natural stone after being polished. But what I love about this piece is that the necklace and earrings both cascade down in a waterfall. I also love the little, bitty stars on the outer edge of each ring around the stones on the necklace. And if you look closely, there is some really beautiful detailing on the edges of the frames around the stones. So so pretty!

Whew! There’s my first in my new series “Get In My Jewelry Box”. Thank you for taking this trip with me across the country and around the world, visiting different turquoise mines to see the beauties that they hold. I can’t wait to share the next of this series with you! 
What type of jewelry do you love? What would you love to see next?

Get In My Jewelry Box: Turquoise How I Love Thee! [Blog]


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