Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! [Blog]So excited!!! Recently, Kim of Clever Kim’s Curios ran a Valentine’s Day contest. To enter, everyone had to post a picture of themselves with someone or something they love.

That really caught my attention because people could post *something* rather than *someone* – something that Vday contests RARELY do! So sweet and considerate for those who might not have someone or even want someone during Vday.

I posted a pic of the TTG and I at the beach with a sun flare… love that pic! Then Kim took all of the entries and numbered them and drew a number at random… and … drum roll please *****

I WON!!!!!

Not only did I win, but I won the most magnificent piece of jewelry! I had already purchased a beautiful pendant from Kim several weeks ago and it *was* the most unique piece of jewelry I owned. Now I’ve got an even more unique piece! I asked her to surprise me and she sure did!

She got every detail right… I love the bubbles at the top and that there are beautiful little bits inside some of them… a bit of turquoise, a bit of shell, and a little rhinestone. And the dangling seashells give the piece movement. Last, but not least, I absolutely LOVE the little curio with a tiny seahorse inside and shells and seaweed!!! Incredibly magnificent!!

And if all of that wasn’t enough, it came packaged so cutely! I had to show you a bit of the packaging because I was so enamored with it.

Thank you Kim! I LOVE it! ❤

Please check out Kim’s store and Instagram (where she posts pics of the process of making these beautiful pieces):


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