Wanna know what I love to spread on my lips?

This is not my typical post, but I just had to share this because it is my new love for my lips!

Wanna know what I love to spread on my lips? [Blog]You know you’ve got a really great lip gloss when you’re digging out the bottom of the container just to get every little last bit out because it’s so delicious!

I rarely vouch for products and I only vouch for them if I use AND love them… but seriously, I would vouch for this lip gloss. I found this lip gloss in a little shop in Sebastopol, CA (Napa area/wine country) and I just fell in love with it. That was in 2012. When we went to Tribal Fest again this year, we had to stop by that shop so that I could get more awesome lip gloss! I lucked out in a way because the gloss was on sale/clearance – the shop was no longer going to sell it – so I got 5 of them for half price! But seriously, I would pay the full $9 again when I run out.

They give a slight lip tint depending on the flavor, each one is different. The one I’m finishing off right now I just adore! It’s Coconut Pearl and pearl is right… it leaves me with a pretty, shiny, pearly lip color. I just love the feel of the gloss and it’s all natural, vegan, and cruelty free!

The brand is Pacifica Inc. and I just found out they have a BUNCH of other delicious stuff when I looked up their website to post for you all! yay!! I know where my extra cash is going next month. lol!

Here’s a link to the gloss I’ve got (I also have their Sugared Fig – smells like sweet sweet figs and sugar, mmm! – and their Blood Orange – this was the first one I bought in 2012 that made me fall in love with them… it is so heavenly… no perfumey type smells, just rich, natural scents. LOVE!!!

Oh and I almost forgot, I just LOVE their packaging!!! So beautiful! And the little outer casing helps keep your lip gloss free of lint and fuzz from your purse.

Here’s the Coconut Pearl: www.pacificaperfume.com/productdisplay/color-quench-jumbo-lip-tint?id=320

Here’s their FB page too so you can go like it!

Okay, I think maybe they should pay me now for this endorsement… but I don’t want cash just more yummy goodness!!! lol!!


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