Perfectionism [Blog]

Being a perfectionist is hard.

One of my goals for 2014 is to starting writing more consistently and sharing in a long handed way rather than just short quips on social media. And although I was sick for the first week of 2014, I’ve written twice already, this makes the third blog. I’m proud of myself for writing so much. BUT… when I decided to get all of the blogs I’ve written up online and get them posted for readers to check out, I hit a bump in the road.

I headed over to Word Press and was just about to upload the blogs when I noticed the section to change the appearance of the blog. I click it and a whole new world opened up. I haven’t changed the theme of my blog since it began… many many moons ago. And it feels old and stale to me. So, here I am looking through themes, not *loving* any one of them yet but determined to find the best fit. Rather than uploading the blogs I’ve already written, the perfectionist in me needs to revamp the blog first. Make it pretty. Make it shine. And THEN post the blogs.

I’ll continue my search for the perfect theme, meanwhile I just had to write this all out for you. Maybe it will help someone out there not feel alone in a perfectionists world. Maybe it will be too much information. Or maybe, just maybe, writing this all out will help me choose the darn theme and move on! lol.

Being a perfectionist can really slow down the process sometimes. Are you a perfectionist? When does it cause you the most trouble?


11 thoughts on “Perfectionism

  1. My tendency to be a perfectionist gets in the way most when it is least necessary. At that point, I am being anal retentive and have to remind myself to let go.

  2. I have some perfectionist tendencies. They mainly manifest as not wanting to do anything I’m not naturally good at. I had to break myself of that habit in dance and work hard to improve at things I struggled with so I could perform them in a group setting. But in other areas of my life I am pretty quick to avoid anything that I might be bad at. And I can also spend a long time tweaking blog layouts instead of posting content 😉

    1. Sophia, sounds like we are similar. There are definitely things I have passed on learning more about if I thought I might not be good at them. And I’m gonna have to go look for your blog now. yay!

  3. I think perfection is especially hard for us writers. As someone with a literary blog, I just have to let all those worries of perfection go in order to write something that really is quality work. It’s funny, too, how what is imperfect to us is often perfect to our readers. Keep writing and blogging, my friend!

  4. i am a perfectionist and for me it causes stress. And that stress transfers over to my kids. I was one of those, “straighten the tassels on the curtains/fringe on the rugs” kinda girls. On of those “vacuum on my hands and knees” people. I’m getting better. It’s because i would take my kids shopping and they would start straightening the shelves because they were no longer perfect. they were early elementary age. I try to let the dishes go a lil, vacuum only once a week, my goal is laundry in 1 day only. It’s refreshing and releasing except virtually impossible because my husband wants the perfect family and to live in an Architectural (s digest-y perfect house, and our home is far from perfect. I love seeing the strive for perfection in other people as long as it brings them peace and doesn’t affect others. Go get Uhm, Girl!

    1. Alicia, I used to worry about the house too but moving on to things that are important (to me at least) has been so freeing! If your hubby wants to live in a perfect house, tell him he’s welcome to make it that way himself! lol!

      1. i do. 🙂 i save my perfectionism for my kids. i tell them they are prefect in their imperfections. then i point out that my collection of bowls are all imperfect. lopsided, cracked, broken and glued back together. love them. ❤

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