Getting Sick is for the Birds!

Getting Sick is for the Birds! [Blog]

New Year’s Resolutions have never sat well with me and I am reminded why I don’t care for them this week. Yes, just 3 days into the New Year and I would have already broken a “resolution”. Thank goodness I made it a goal instead.

I have several goals for 2014, both personal and business. My personal goals are to go for walks/hikes more often, bake something new at least once per week, and to create more (whether that be painting or crochet). My business goals are to increase our (Siren Song Productions) visibility on Pinterest and Instagram, to start using video more for our events, to attend at least one conference in the events industry and one in marketing, and to blog every day. Blog every day. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen when you start out the first four days of the year with the flu.

So, thank goodness that it’s a goal that I blog every day. And I did do 2 blogs in the first three days (this one and one prior), it’s just not likely I’ll get them posted and online for viewing until I’m feeling better.  **Side note, it took awhile to get caught up too!

I’m taking this not as a sign for how the New Year will be but as a cautionary tale of not going out into the public to shop during the holidays. And instead of starting on 1/1/14… I’ll be starting my “new year” as soon as I’m well!

How about you? How did your New Year start out? What are your goals for this year? Both personal and business.


4 thoughts on “Getting Sick is for the Birds!

  1. My New Year started out with my husband leaving for an eight day business trip, which was actually kind of nice because it let me focus on developing some new dance habits without him around.

    My goal is to treat dance like a full-time career in 2014. On a personal level, I’m working hard to declutter and use up more of my lovely beads and make time for non-dance stuff so I don’t burn out.

    1. @Sophia – That is awesome! I love getting the chance to create habits when we’re alone – it makes such a huge difference. I love your goals for 2014!! So excited for you! Please keep in touch and let me know how it’s going. 🙂

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