The Hat: A Review of “Dark Fields”

The Hat: A Review of "Dark Fields" [Blog]
Dark Fields 2009
Well, here it is my officially, unofficial “horror movie month” and I haven’t written a single thing about a movie yet all month and it’s more than half over! Never fear, I have been taking in vast amounts of horror this month, although I haven’t had much time to write about it. So… let’s get caught up on things that go bump in the night!

Although it wasn’t the first horror film I watched this month, Dark Fields is one of the most memorable so far. Set in multiple time periods, the film feels like a period piece. In fact, the opening scene is an example of exquisite cinematography. (The first scene is posted below for you to view – I don’t like spoilers and often won’t watch a trailer for a film for that reason.)

I recommend this film to those who love a mystery. It was hard to figure out the plot before it was revealed, making it that much more enjoyable. I dislike figuring out what will happen long before it does, it makes the movie seem to take that much longer to get to the end. Filled with striking visuals, bold color choices for the middle time period shots, and great make up effects, “Dark Fields” is certainly beautiful to watch. Throw in men with long, ragged nails, a bald guy with shark-like teeth for a monster, and a scene where they drink yellowed milk and eat raw meat for dinner and you’ve got yourself a pretty decent horror film.

Aside from the bit of unnecessary nudity (really, it had no point for the plot, especially since everyone else went out into the rain *with* their clothes on and had the same outcome) and a couple of cheesy visual effects thrown in, the film really does stand on it’s own. The theme and story are interesting. Not a typical slasher film, which is good and bad – depends on what you’re looking for in a horror film. If mystery, some killing, and a bit of blood sound like a fun evening, I recommend taking a look at “Dark Fields”.

Why did I title this blog, “The Hat”? Watch and you will find out.


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