Snow Leopard: Don’t Trust Everything You See Online

Snow Leopard: Don't Trust Everything You See Online [Blog]I just now FINALLY updated my software to Snow Leopard… I know, I know, I’m totally behind. It was the craziest amount of hoops I had to jump to get it. When I researched online, all of the threads said that Apple doesn’t sell it anymore because it’s outdated and that I’d have to buy it on Ebay. I was on Ebay, about to buy it for $90 plus shipping when I realized that there were system requirements.

I was nervous that my system wouldn’t meet the requirements and I wanted to be sure. I called Apple to see if someone could at least tell me if my system would accept Snow Leopard – I was hoping they would help me even though they don’t sell it anymore. Oh, and all of this research online began because when I just went to the Apple store like normal, their site told me that I couldn’t access it because my software was too old. I was like, what?!

Anyway, I called them and the lady was really nice, told me my system would work all the way up to the newest software, Mountain Lion and then asked where I wanted my copy sent. I asked her if she could send me a copy and she said of course. I asked how much it would be and she said $20!! Oh, and free shipping.

I had almost spent $90 on the software. wow! So I got the disk and it just turned and turned in the CD drive and wouldn’t read. I thought my CD drive was broken because it’s been having troubles opening and closing. I tried the CDs that Bobby sent of the pics from HIR and it worked just fine. So I tried the disk again and it still wouldn’t work. Meanwhile, I did not really have time to fuss with it and I just left it as is. A couple days later, I got an email from Apple asking me to fill out a survey for the product. I clicked on the link, filled out the survey and mentioned that I was dissatisfied with the disk because it wouldn’t load and that I didn’t have time to call, wait on hold, and convince someone that it didn’t work – or worse have to take it back to the post office to send back to prove it. I’d almost just rather re-spend the $20 and get another one then go through all of that hassle. (we don’t have an Apple store here)

I finished filling in the survey and then went back to work. A few days later, I get an email from the Apple store saying that my order had shipped. Nervous that someone stole my card number, I checked quickly to see if anything had been charged, but nothing had. I thought, how strange. I went back to the email and it said it was a shipment with Snow Leopard software. I had a small tinge of happiness thinking that someone actually read my survey and was sending me a new disk to try… but then quickly brought myself back down to Earth. Seriously, they don’t actually READ those surveys and there’s no way that they just happened to read my particular survey out of the hundreds or thousands that they get each day. And even if they did read it, there’s no way that they were going to just send me a new one, no questions asked.

Again, not having much time to pursue it, I just left the email in my inbox. Today, Fedex rings the doorbell while I’m on the phone with Plez and I sign for the box. Dennis had been ordering parts for his equipment lately and I figured that is what it was. He got home and didn’t notice it by the door. A few hours later, he says “What’s that?” and points to the box. I said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you it came, I had to sign for it. I figured it was a part for your machine.” He said he hadn’t ordered anything and started to investigate the box. He turns it on its side (something I had failed to do when I got it) and it said my name on the side in the “addressed to” portion. Hmmm… what could it be?? I wasn’t expecting anything, it was so strange.

I went into my office, opened the box and inside was a replacement Snow Leopard Software CD! Wow!! I was seriously stoked and could not even believe my eyes. I was in the middle of working on a website and couldn’t install it immediately, but later in the evening, I put the disk in and it started spinning. I was routing for it the whole time… “Come on, you can do it!” And it did! It worked. The CD loaded, it opened the installation window and after about 20 minutes of backing up my computer (just in case anything went wrong) and then about an hour waiting for the install to finish and the restart – voila! I now have Snow Leopard.

I know this seems like a seriously silly thing to be so excited about. But if you have an older Mac you just might understand. Mine is just a few years old (2008) but these things become extinct the moment you buy them. The sad thing was that my operating system would no longer allow me to access iTunes, the Apple store, and now even Firefox was saying my system was no longer supported. In with the new, out with the old. Just like our society these days, right?

The moral of the story? I thought I was going to bash Apple for their evil ways and I am still not happy with them that they no longer allow older systems to access the online Apple store (I mean, come on, that’s just ridiculous – how can someone update their equipment and software if they can’t access the place to purchase it?) At the same time, I am so incredibly thrilled with their customer service. To think that I was annoyed that the disk didn’t work, I wrote it on a survey, someone read the survey, and they sent me a new disk, no questions asked – no charge. That’s pretty great service.

Anyway, just had to pass on my story about Apple this week. Do you have an Apple product? Do you love it or hate it? How’s their customer service treated you in the past?

I’m off to purchase Mountain Lion now so that I can be fully updated before this system is “out of date”.


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