Ask and You Shall Receive!

This is just a reminder that if there is anything that you want/desire for your event, it’s always a good idea to ask for it. Sure, there’s always a chance that the person either doesn’t respond or says no, but if you get a yes, it’s a win!

So happy about what happened in this case. We have had Cairo Caravan on the Queen Mary for 4 years now (this year was our 4th year). Last year and this year, there was a car show during the same weekend of our event at the park that is in front of the Queen Mary. Last year it was only on Sunday but this year, it was held on Saturday and Sunday. Both times, it caused parking problems for our attendees as well as their attendees. Basically because the ship is in the water, it’s over a bridge from the city. Everyone who couldn’t park at the QM, had to go over the bridge into town (at least one mile or more) and park in a parking garage. Then catch the free shuttle over to the event. It’s not too big of a deal, if you are planning for it and expect it. But it was a huge deal the first year that the car show was there unexpectedly by us.

This year, I asked Dennis to find out what the car show was called and/or who was promoting it so that I could at least be aware of their dates and warn our attendees of possible parking issues. He found out the name/promoter of the show. I looked at the website and it was very “young” – think Asian drifting cars, girls in underwear, etc. I wanted to contact them but was having the feeling that they would either a) not respond or b) write back with the attitude of “who cares lady?”

I finally decided to write them, thinking that worse case scenario, they tell me to get lost. I wrote them last night and they responded, very professionally and politely, to my email this morning! They were automatically cooperative and asked what our dates are for next year. I wrote back what they are and expressed my gratitude for their response. They replied again that they will make sure to arrange with the QM to have their car show on a different weekend from us! hooray!!

Don’t forget to ask! You never know, you might be surprised by the answer. 🙂

Ask and You Shall Receive! [Blog]

Ask and You Shall Receive! [Blog]


2 thoughts on “Ask and You Shall Receive!

  1. Hi Blume! I’ve been wanting to contact you to thank you SO much for the amazingness of Cairo Caravan, and all your generosity to me, and all the I-can’t-even-imagine-how-much work went into creating such an uplifting and gorgeous event for folks like me. What’s the best way to get in touch with you? I didn’t see an email address… Is it dweeby that I’m writing this as a comment?

    Much gratitude,
    Alexandra Goldman

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