Elevators, Ambulances, and Movies, Oh My! Part 3

Continued from part 2

Elevators, Ambulances, and Movies, Oh My! Part 3 [Blog]

Elevators, Ambulances, and Movies, Oh My! Part 3 [Blog]My return home from Tribal Fest is always a bit hectic as Cairo Caravan, the festival that I coordinate with MECDA, is right around the corner. June was a whirlwind with putting on Cairo Caravan one weekend, camping the next, working at the Huck Finn Festival the weekend after that, and a dear friend’s baby shower the following weekend – June got a bit hectic. Cairo Caravan was an amazing success this year and truly a dream come true. Smiling faces everywhere I looked and people having so much fun. We had more people from the general population than ever before, more musicians than ever before, and more exciting things going on at all times than ever before. With the newly added Friday night concert performed by Raquy & the Cavemen and the incredible Under the Sea Masquerade Ball & Gala – it was a weekend to remember.

Thanks to my amazing team, everything went off without any major glitches and anything small was quickly solved. A special thank you to Samira for coming all the way from Nevada to be my personal assistant for the weekend. Thanks also to my amazing TTG (Tall Tree Guy – aka Significant Other), the end of Cairo Caravan was just as special. He took me to the beach after it was all over for the day. We had a picnic lunch, some wine, and sat watching the waves. We talked about the weekends successes and some new ideas for the next year. We also spent some time sitting in silence, just “being”. It was a lovely winding down day after the fun, glitz, and merriment that is Cairo Caravan.

Elevators, Ambulances, and Movies, Oh My! Part 3 [Blog]Then to put the cherry on the top, the TTG and I got to spend a long weekend (5 days and 4 nights) camping at my favorite place, Rock Creek – near Yosemite. It was beautiful weather, supremely relaxing with naps daily and being asleep by 10pm every night. It was almost surreal. We had delicious grilled foods all weekend. Somehow food just tastes better when it’s served and prepared outside. We took hikes up and down the creek which was raging with water this time of year from all of the snow run-off. We took a drive up to the top of the canyon (well, as high as we could go, there was still snow at Mesquito Flats – which is the highest point one can still drive, the rest is all hiking trails). It was a magical weekend, as most weekends are while spent with the TTG.

After Cairo Caravan, I got hired to design the Summer and then subsequently the Fall editions of ‘fuse’ Magazine. I was so excited to work for such an already beautiful magazine. The job turned out to be one of the most fun and rewarding jobs that I have had in a long time. I loved being part of something bigger than myself that would soon be read by so many dancers. And it’s always exciting to see my design in print. It makes it more tangible. I hope to design more issues in 2012, crossing my fingers for what is to be on the horizon.

June is also the month for the Huck Finn Festival. A 3-decade old blue-grass music festival that is more fun than I ever could have imagined. This was my 2nd year working with Debi at the festival and we had such a blast! I love the atmosphere there and the people are just amazing. It is the only festival that I have ever been to that you can bring a chair or two and your ice chest, plant them down at the main stage for the weekend and there they stay, untouched for the entire weekend, whether you are in them or not. It’s just great! And the music there, wow. It is so amazing the caliber of musicians that they draw. This is one of the high points of the year to be sure. And we camped in our new ambulance! Yes, you heard correctly, the TTG bought not one, but two ambulances and they are so great. We are converting one into a camper-van and the other is just being used as a regular van-hauler for the time being. They are so big and roomy and fun. The best part is that they are insulated. This year at Huck Finn, the winds were so bad in the afternoon and evenings. Tents were blown over all the way to the side, and blown away if they weren’t staked down. Getting into the ambulance, out of the wind was so luxurious. Having been a tent camper all my life, I couldn’t believe the difference. It was so much fun too, for all 3 of us, Debi, Heather, and myself to chat, drink wine, and hang out before we went to sleep each night.

Elevators, Ambulances, and Movies, Oh My! Part 3 [Blog]

To be continued…


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