Wendy-And-DannyLand – It’s the Happiest Place on Earth!

With Tribal Fusion Faire coming up in less than two weeks, I thought I would share a story about Tribal Fusion Faire 2008 that I wrote shortly after the festival but had not posted. I hope that you will join us there for fun and fabulousness. It is always a good time…

Wendy-And-DannyLand - It's the Happiest Place on Earth! [Blog]
Hiplash at Tribal Fusion Faire 2008
Living in Wendy and Danny land is like being transported to another time and place. It felt as if real time had ceased to exist and life became blissful. I dare you to hang with Wendy and Danny for a couple of days and not leave smiling. Upon arriving to San Luis Obispo for Tribal Fusion Faire, we arrived at Wendy’s shop, Bali Isle, greeted by the scent of homemade cookies and yummy incense burning. Debi (Henna Crone) said that it must be what heaven smells like, incense and homemade cookies. I think she’s right. Debi and I met our friend Chandra there in San Luis Obispo on Thursday morning to enjoy the Farmer’s Market and have a little vacation prior to the start of the festival. The generously spirited Wendy had provided the opportunity for Debi to do henna at her shop downtown on Thursday and Friday prior to the start of Tribal Fusion Faire.

The Farmer’s Market did not disappoint. We had barbeque from Moe’s that is just to die for every time. We had raspberries (yes you heard me RASPBERRIES) the size of half dollars that tasted so sweet, we were sure someone had delicately injected each one with sugar water. The delicious red fruits hardly had seeds either; incredible, practically seedless raspberries that taste of pure heavenly sweetness in December. We ate oranges that oozed sweet juice down our chins; black fantasy grapes that tasted like sweet wine; sweet peas that were divine; strawberries that should be advertised as crack berries since we ate a whole flat of them in less than 2 days; and the apples, well, they are a story of their own. We weren’t going to buy apples. Apples from the market at home are yummy and we can get them year round. We discussed buying some and decided against it, really, how much better can an apple be? However, on our trip back to the shop, walking past an apple vendor, an evil temptress came out of the shadows holding apple slices. “Would you like an apple ladies?” the temptress inquired. We responded with a less than enthusiastic, “Sure”. One bite almost sent waves of pleasure throughout our bodies. Without further discussion, we bought apples, filling the bag as if we were in a trance. When Chandra and I arrived back to the shop, Debi asked why we were silly enough to have purchased apples. Speech was not required, we just handed her one and we could see the unspoken understanding in her eyes. There were so many other veggies and fruits to purchase, all looking like delicacies from another country. The colors were so vibrant and we could smell the flavors. Next year we will be getting a room with a kitchen!

We spent Thursday and Friday in Wendy&DannyLand, similar to Disneyland, rivaling the idea that it is the happiest place on earth. Wandering through the town. Shopping in the specialty shops. Hanging out at Bali Isle, listening to reggae Christmas music. Wendy gave us all big hugs each time she saw us, and Danny always greeted us with a huge grin on his face. How could you not love these two? Just thinking about them makes me happy. Wendy told us little antidotes all weekend, some about Danny. It was so endearing to hear Wendy speak so fondly about Danny.

Karma came up Friday to contribute to in the fun. The four of us had an absolute blast. Yasmin and Paul (of Tribal Bazaar) also showed up Friday night, as well as Anaar, Tempest, Shala, and a few others. We all had a blast together. Everyone was instantly infected with the Wendy and Danny cheerful vibes from the shop. Not a single person who entered the shop was grouchy or snarky. It was wonderful being enveloped in such happy vibes.

Tribal Fusion Faire was extraordinary that year and has been every year since. It has always been one of my favorite events and 2008 topped them all. With Unmata, Zoe Jakes, Frederique, Fat Chance Belly Dance, Karma, Stephen Eggers, and so many more stars, the evening show alone was worth the drive. Hiplash did an improv set with all of our members for the first time ever! Avery, Cortney, and Katie all rocked as new editions to the troupe. And of course, Jill, Trish, and myself all had a blast. Alamkara did a beautiful improv set to Christmas music that was inspiring. Laura and Amy rocked the house as emcees. In addition to the show being great, there were fabulous vendors, amazing workshops, and the weather was absolutely beautiful all the way until the end (it rained Sunday night, but the festival was over so no harm done).

We ended the weekend with a trip to Moe’s with all of the usual suspects. We had a fabulous time unwinding from the weekend and sharing some laughs before we headed back to our hotel rooms for some much needed sleep after a weekend of frolicking and fun. It was an incredible weekend and I look forward to each new year with much anticipation. What is your favorite part of Tribal Fusion Faire?

For more info about Tribal Fusion Faire, please visit their website: http://www.meddevi.com/tribalfusionfaire/

Here are a couple of videos from Tribal Fusion Faire 2008…


One thought on “Wendy-And-DannyLand – It’s the Happiest Place on Earth!

  1. Ahhhhhh, the crack fruit! But even better than that are the combined energies of Wendy and Danny and all of us together in SLO for Tribal Fusion Fair! It is my favorite event of my entire year! I can hardly wait for the impromptu pornographic puppet shows….

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