Sherri Wheatley: Serendipity Part 1

Sherri Wheatley: Serendipity Part 1 [Blog]

Sherri Wheatley on SxyPhil’s Youtube channel… This is the strangest, most serendipitous story!!

So, here it goes, the TTG loves Youtube and is always checking it out for new stuff. There’s this really funny guy on there, his name is Phil DeFranco. TTG got me to watch him and I subscribed to him. Well, if you have any subscriptions, you would know that when you go to Youtube, your subscriptions would show on the home page… any new videos that have been posted recently.

I log on to Youtube the other day and see a video that looks like it has a pic of Sherri Wheatley. I don’t think much of it at first because I get belly dance vids all the time. Of course, I click on it because Sherri is AWESOME! I get there and it’s Phil DeFranco, not Sherri! And I’m thinking, what??!! I keep watching because Phil cracks me up. He is vlogging about going to a big club party and while he’s there, almost the entire time, there is video footage of Sherri Wheatley!! Dude! So crazy!!

I talk to Sherri and I tell her that I saw her on Phil’s Youtube channel at that club party. She totally remembers the party but had no idea he was there. Now get this, this is where the serendipity comes in… The night that Sherri was getting ready for that particular show (at the club), she was stalling instead of getting ready and surfing Youtube. She came across Phil’s page and really thought he was funny. Then he was THERE at the show that she was dancing at that night and she had no idea until I told her.

She wrote to Phil and told him about the whole thing and offered to give him a belly dance class. And he took the offer!!! And here is what came of it…

Sherri said that Phil’s hips were stiff. So cute! 🙂


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