The Man in the Mirror: A Tribute to Michael Jackson

The Man in the Mirror: A Tribute to Michael Jackson [Blog]

It was a sad day yesterday. A music legend died young, as music legends tend to do. Too much money, too much fame, a screwed up childhood; all or some may be the cause. Either way, it’s a gloomy day when a person who is iconic and instrumental in the music world dies. Music lovers everywhere will sorely miss Michael Jackson. I will mostly miss what he may have come up with next; his next genius idea in music.

Listening to KCRW’s musical memorial last night and this morning, reminded me of all of the great music Jackson brought to us. And the vast range that music included. He went through each generation with us, creating music that touched each of us at different times in our lives. No one will ever forget this music icon. His music will be passed down from generation to generation.

One song in particular touched me again, and I had almost forgotten all about it in my insistence on moving forward, always looking for the next best thing in music. That song is Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. This song will always be relevant and reminds me of whom I should strive to be. A person willing to make a change in the world, even a small one. A person who helps others over helping myself. A person who makes a drop in the pond, and that drop ripples, and if hope prevails, those ripples make waves. Take a listen to the song once again, listen to its lyrics, watch the imagery in the video, and remind yourself of whom you want to be. What drops have you made lately?

Check out the video on Karma Tube, click here.


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