Coughing Bellydancers?

Coughing Bellydancers? [Blog] What do you get when you mix a group of various forms of dance with a themed show called “Disease: 101”? You get Blood Moon Regale hosted by the most awesome troupe , Unmata! Who else could come up with themes that no one would ever think to dance to?

We, (Hiplash), were assigned Tuberculosis for our disease du jour. We were so excited to even be included in the show and thrilled that we hadn’t gotten Gonorrhea.  So we begin our research and discussing ideas for the show. I found some RAD music from Amon Tobin that was brand new, just out. It’s the kind of song you hear and just start dancing in your chair at the computer because it’s so friggin’ awesome.  Jill had another RAD song that she had danced to a few years ago from Juno Reactor. And with the help of a couple more Amon Tobin songs and an intro from Engelsstaub, we had our set. The set started out with Avery (our newest troupe member) dancing to a hilarious Egyptian song with coughing instead of a drumbeat! Don’t ask where it came from, I have no idea. My belly dance mama played it for us ions ago and still had it. And with coughing being the number one symptom of TB, it was too perfect. Avery was incredible! She stole the show. With her acting prowess and her love for being in the spotlight, she had the audience screaming with delight. She even blew a kiss that ended in a cough at the audience. After she left the stage, the remaining four of us began dancing. We performed a choreography to the edgy Tobin song, followed by being shrouded in death by The Red Death himself (Avery again, Kris was going to do it but his back went out the night before). Then we performed a beautiful and somber death dance while in the shrouds, ending on the floor in a pile of black death.

It was awesome, exciting, nerve racking, and downright incredible! The rest of the show was brilliant. It was so exciting to see what other dancers came up with. And it was so nice to see an eclectic group of performances. Cabaret, modern, tribal, and fusion all came together to put on this spectacular show. Some of the various other diseases represented included Mono by Unmata. Their creative idea for an 80’s house party mixed with brilliant choreography made for a jaw dropping performance. Cera and Damage Control Dance Theater blew my mind with their Cancer set… did anyone else feel creeped out when they danced backwards? It was so RAD!! Shelly was the instructor for the personal protection video. Ozume (sp?) had heart disease. They were spectacular!! Ariellah was bipolar. Her piece was so powerful, aggressive, and moving. And Sooz, who could forget Sooz?? The most fantabulous MC for a themed show. She was amazing, she even sang opera!!
All of this fantasticness could not exist without Unmata. And to them I am truly grateful. I deeply appreciate the opportunity given to us to perform on the stage alongside so many great dancers. The experience is one that I will remember for a lifetime.

A DVD of the show will be coming out sometime soon. Until then, there are a couple of teasers online. Below are some links so that you too might enjoy a small part of this very incredible show. Did you get to see the show? Were you in the show? What was your experience like? If you didn’t get to see the show, please consider making the trek next year. It truly is amazing. And what did you think of the teasers? Are they enticing?

Uzume with Heart Disease


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