From Ants to Aunts…

From Ants to Aunts... [Blog]
Dylan Jayde, my brand new niece
I’m an Aunt!!! My brand new baby niece, Dylan Jayde was born last Wednesday. It is the most fabulous thing that has happened in my life to date! Not only is she healthy, beautiful, and so happy… but she’s also a Sagittarius. My sister has already sent me dozens of photos and one video of her sleeping and dreaming “cobra” dreams. My sister and brother-in-law call her dreams cobra dreams, something from the Simpsons. They’re huge fans, I guess I’ll have to watch the episode to get it.

She is so sweet while she is sleeping. She coos and caas and makes this cute frowny face, then a huge smile, then a huge stretch. My sister is elated that she made an actual human! I have always heard people say how incredible having a baby is. I always understood but just never felt it like this. It is such a high!

I’ll be posting pictures of her in the Dylan Jayde album on my Myspace page. Check back to see her grow up!! She’s already 6 days old! I still can’t believe it.
The only sad thing is that my sister lives all the way in Australia and with the economy going the way it has been, I haven’t gotten many freelance jobs for websites lately and definitely can’t afford a ticket to be there. It is just killing me!! I can’t wait to hold her and squish her little cheeks and see her tiny little toes. She is so gorgeous and sweet. I just want to cry every time I see a new picture of her!

Do you have babies and/or children in your family that live out of town? How do you cope with the overwhelming wanting to be with them? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Update 8.11.14: See pics of Dylan as she grows up on my Facebook page here: CLICK HERE.


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