Oasis 4 Charity Competition

Oasis 4 Charity Competition [Blog]
Elizbeth Mahina

So, I got a message from my friend, Elizabeth Mahina, this evening. She is up for an award on the Oasis 4 Charity competition. It’s exciting because she’s up there with a lot of other “big” names!

Check it out at http://hometown.aol.com/homeskillety2k/page1.html

Not a great website, but it works for what it is. Vote for your favorite in each “ballot” category (there are 4 per competition). Here are my favorites that I just HAD TO vote for:

Mira Betz
Elizabeth Mahina (of course)
Monica Fernandez
Urban Tribal (that was a super hard decision as they are up against FCBD)
and last but not least, Zafirah Dance Co. (with Olivia!!)

Send in your votes to the following email: navel_y2k@yahoo.com


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