14 Ways to Make a Woman Happy

14 Ways to Make a Woman Happy [Blog]So, I was reading this list in Glamour magazine about 14 ways to make a woman happy. I thought, let’s see how right on they are…

Boy are they way off in my book. There are so many things (even simpler things) that make me happy every day. No wonder men think women are so presumptuous. With a list like this, men could stop dating women all together! lol!

Well, here’s the list. See what you think and post the 14 ways to make *you* happy. (my 14 are listed underneath the ones from the article.)

1. Giver her a great stock tip.

2. Make friends with her vibrator.

3. Agree that $200 is a reasonable price for such a fabulous pair of shoes.

4. Tell her she looks better in her glasses.

5. Tell her she looks like Halle Berry.

6. Plant a yellow rosebush – Graham Thomas is a good one – underneath her bedroom window.

7. Ask her to drive, because she’s better than you.

8. Of your own volition, rent an obscure but highly romantic film such as Angels & Insects or Jane Eyre. Watch it, act like you are enjoying it.

9. Let her little brother teach you how to play magic.

10. Say you’d love to have a daughter exactly like her.

11. Write her a poem. Failing that, read her one. Failing that, buy her a copy of The Collected Poems of WB Yeats.

12. Cook her a divine risotto. Laugh when she expresses concern over its fat content.

13. When she confesses she’s got a big crush on Jakob Dylan, buy her one of his Cd’s and don’t wince when she plays it while you’re making love.

14. Ask her if she wouldn’t mind just holding you for awhile.

My response…

1. Buy me stock, don’t just give me the tip.

2. Be better at sex than my vibrator.

3. Forget the shoes, take me on vacation!

4. I *do* look better in my glasses.

5. If you are going to tell me I look like someone famous, at least pick someone that might look something like me at all.

6. What’s with the yellow rosebush? Thorns outside the bedroom window so that other men can’t sneak in? Sounds insecure to me, and odd that they chose yellow. Yellow roses often stand for friendship, not love. Plant gardenias, I love those and they smell so good!

7. Always drive, and let me sleep on the way home.

8. Don’t rent movies and pretend that you like them for my benefit, I’d rather watch it with a girlfriend than have you ruin it for me. Buy me 2 tickets to the romantic movie for me and a friend.

9. Woah! Wait a minute here, how many grown women have little brothers that still like magic?? (I know that there are exceptions to the rule, but come on.) Learn magic and show me a fun trick.

10. I first just have to say how creepy this one is. I can’t even think of something to replace it.

11. Sing me a song. Failing that, play a song really, really loudly from outside my bedroom window on a boombox held up high over your head. Failing that, don’t bother.

12. I love a man that can cook, but can be just as happy to go out to a nice meal. (and seriously what’s with the constant calorie counting?)

13. When I tell you I have a crush on someone famous, allow me to add them to my “Movie Star Sex” list. You know… the list of movie stars I’m allowed to have sex with given the opportunity, without any repercussions… of course this goes both ways, you’ve got to let him have a list too. 😉 (BTW, who’s Jakob Dylan? Couldn’t they have picked someone like Harry Connick Jr.?)
14. Hold me as often as you can.


5 thoughts on “14 Ways to Make a Woman Happy

  1. Hahaha… My belly hurts because i was laughing so hard reading point no.11
    Thinking about it, it’s something like having an old fashioned “serenata” but in a more modern way 😉

      1. I have to addmit, i haven’t watcherd that movie, I’m youtubing int and it seems like a nice romantic comedy worth it to watch. I’m not a big fan of Cusak, but the movie “Fidelity” oohhhh geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz! Love it! Besides, thye selection of music: 10!

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